Slow Down

In today’s fast paced world, we always keep ourselves moving towards something or the other in the hopes to achieve something tangible. However, isn’t the achievement of such socially set goals questionable?

In the process of achieving our goal, we have put our essential, non-tangible things on the line. We have created an endless race without an actual finishing line for everything; right from eating to exerting. Since our childhood, we’ve been experiencing this as our parents push us for an unrewarding competition of finishing our bowl of food quickly.

Every individual has their own pace of thinking, breathing and behaving, so why not cherish that? Why hurry or rush every single event we do in life? We can make conscious decisions to slow down and determine our own pace of living in order to experience that at it’s best. Sometimes, don’t we remark to a stressed person, “Hey, take it easy!” We need that power to decide and be easy with ourselves, and not become a part of that rat race.

Every time we hasten the pace, we feel the pulse of our heartbeats quicken, the stomach starts roiling, a sensation of heat spreads across the neck and shoulders and we tend to break into a sweat. When you sit back and think about it later, does it really matter? And above all, we should ask ourselves frequently, “Will this matter in 20 years?”

Slowing down is the key to knowing yourself and once you know yourself better, you can live a better life. After all, slow and steady wins the race.

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