A hub where traditional yog knowledge converges with contemporary lifestyle.

A one-stop wellness solution for a diverse range of yog experiences.

A yog facility catering to everyone, from novice to experienced practitioners.

Studio Membership

Practice in the calm environment at Yogvishwa studio with multiple batch options.
All programs include specific sets of asan, pranayam, dhyan and dharana

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Beginners Batches

This beginner’s yog batch offers a safe, supportive, and accessible practice for all ages and abilities, making it an ideal starting point for those new to yog and looking to build a strong foundation.

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Fitness Batches

This invigorating workout batch is tailored to enhance physical fitness, strength, flexibility, and overall health, making it ideal for individuals seeking a challenging and rewarding fitness regimen.

Online Yog
Online Batch

Transform your home into a personal yog studio with our online sessions. Enjoy the convenience and comfort of practicing yog.

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Fat Loss Batch

This challenging and stimulating practice batch fosters weight loss, physical fitness, and overall well-being, By integrating dynamic yog postures, strength training, and cardiovascular exercise.

Pranayam (1)
Pranayam Batch

This pranayam batch emphasises on enhancing overall well-being, reducing stress and anxiety, and deepening the connection to the present moment, making it an excellent choice for individuals seeking to expand their understanding of pranayama and apply it to daily life.

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Advance Practice Batch

This advanced yog batch is tailored for individuals with a strong foundation in yog, offering an opportunity to deepen their practice and expand their understanding of yog, making it an ideal choice for those seeking to take their practice to the next level.

Our Offerings

Yogic Lifestyle Consulting

Understand and embody the philosophy of yog to experience equanimity and inner peace. Learn the best way to uplift the quality of your life

Yog Therapy Classes:

Choose the holistic healing approach in your recovery process to cure and conquer the somatic and psycho-somatic diseases

Diet Consulting

Healthy eating habits and discipline in everyday eating routine is always recommended. Take scientific diet advice and regular diet monitoring from a knowledgeable and experienced dietician.

Personal training

Bespoke is a new standard! Get undivided attention with personalised yogic regimens to achieve an individual holistic wellness.

Corporate Wellness Program

Perfect guide to employees who suffer from daily woes of long commutes, sitting for long hours at one position with simple and effective yogic practices and lifestyle change.


An ancient Buddhist healing method also called an altruistic yog. It’s very effective for chronic diseases and mental illness as it loosens and relaxes the whole body, allowing the natural flow of healing energies.


Immerse yourself in the ancient science of yog and reset your biological clock with a holistic approach to rejuvenation and self-discovery.

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